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PP Lamps IQ Designer PP Pendant Light

IQ Designer PP Pendant Light

    IQ Designer PP Pendant Light
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CCC,CE and RoHS certificates
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Mini Order Qty: 1 Pcs
Pack Details: Carton Packing
Delivery Time: 5-12 days after received the deposit
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union

IQ Designer PP Pendant Light:

IQ Designer PP Pendant Light can be constructed into a variety shapes and sizes by interlocking pieces together,We also provide the manual that will show you the quick and easy way to self-assemble,for the iq jigsaw lamp,One kit can be assembled in as many as 21 shapes. When you combine multiple kits, even more choices exist. iq puzzle lamp shade are approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

Assembled freely, 3 years warranty, Healthy environmental protection, Long life.

Advantages of IQ Designer PP Pendant Light :

 1.Fantastic glowing light sculptures you craft yourself.
 2.The 30 pieces included can be assembled with slight variations to produce uniquely different lamps.
 3.Made of durable and washable translucent polypropylene plastic, easy to clean and weather resistance
 4.IQ Light create ambient, elegant, fun and soft mood lighting for any interior living room, outdoor space, office space, or patio and garden area,great for decorative lighting for events and parties.
 5.A 12 feet long white electrical lantern cord with on/off switch is included in the kit.
 6.A single CFL energy saving lamp bulb, LED lamp bulb, or outdoor LED or CFL lamp bulb is required but not included in the kit.

Specifications of  IQ Designer PP Pendant Light :

Model  Sphere(mm) Material L(cm) W(cm) Thickness(mm)
D230mm 230 PP 11.3cm 9.8cm 0.45mm
D250mm 250 PP 12.5cm 10.9cm 0.5mm
D300MM 300 PP 16.2cm 13.5cm 0.5mm
D400MM 400 PP 22.6cm 18.2cm 0.5mm
D500MM 500 PP 26cm 20.9cm 0.5mm

Color: White, Red, Pink,Purple,Green,Blue,Orange,Yellow etc. 


 Package included: 

1x IQ Designer PP Pendant Light
1x handing cord( with cord+lamp holder+switch)
1x Instruction manual

Besides, we have more types for your refer,eg.pp lotus lamps,Children Pendant Lamp,PP Wall Lamp,Wave Shades Jigsaw Lamp Pendant Light. IQ Light,  Any interested, welcome to contact.(

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